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The Band

Dead Man's Banjo was formed on a lark in a basement in 2011. Born of an early-middle-aged need to play and sing, we gathered on the occasional Tuesday nights for fun acoustic music and beers.  


In early 2012, the idea of actually playing for "others" arose when Steve's parents asked us to entertain their friends at their annual Mardi Gras party.  Another friend asked about playing at his Chili Cookoff Party and a legend was born!


Dead Man's Banjo offers a variety of covers - some done to the vest, but most with a unique style and acoustic flair (think Bob Marley with a banjo and mandolin).  From classic 70's, 80's and 90's pop and rock, to traditional Irish anthems and today's eclectic sounds, Dead Man's Banjo spans a musical spectrum to deliver fun and familiar sounds to our loyal 'band-aids' that help enhance those special times with friends.


Dead Man's Banjo is:

Steve Mayeux - Banjo, Vocals, Drum Box

Jay Ostendarp - Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Ukelele

Nikki Redman - Violin, Vocals, Percussion

Erin Thomas - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion

Joel Thomas - Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals, Drum

Peter Yarborough - Guitar, Bass, Harmonica, Vocals, Drum

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